"The Fisherman" no. 33/August 18, 2005


Capt. Dixon Merkt has been fishing the waters of Eastern Long Island Sound for over forty years.  Come and join him for a day of fishing between mid April and mid November.

Featured and quoted in numerous articles in national publications as well as heard on BBC radio, Capt. Dixon Merkt’s experience will help create a relaxing and exciting day on the water.


The season begins in early to mid April, casting to school bass in the coves of the southern ten miles of the Connecticut River.  Around late April the resident schools drop to the mouth of the river to meet up with the arrival of their migrant cousins.  Through the middle of May the bass fishing can be “hot and heavy” boating lots of school bass.  The larger bass, between 24” - 40”, begin to show the second half of May and remain active until mid June.  During this period the size of the fish increases and the numbers caught decrease.  Even so, at this time, the average angler has an excellent chance of landing a keeper bass.  Blue fish begin to appear in small numbers around June. As their numbers increase the target fish gradually shifts from stripers to blues.  We then shift our target area from the mouth of the Connecticut River to Eastern Long Island Sound.  Mid August, bonita appear. They are followed by the arrival of false albacore in mid September.  In the fall we are in full swing catching blue fish, false albacore and striped bass.